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Voices In My Body/ Des Voix dans mon Corps

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Premieres August 1 and 2 2024, Nanaimo, BC

Presenting life experiences of four characters, we explore the different parts that live in us: the part that is overwhelmed with a to-do list, the part that is jealous of what others have, the deeply loving part…passionate, tender and funny, Voices in My Body creates a unique window on the theatre of our inner life.


Voices In My Body integrates dance and theatre, and combines live performance with linked audience headphones/“silent disco” technology in an outdoor setting.  The headsets allow the audience to experience either French and English versions.  

Voices In My Body will premiere in August at the inaguaral Island Summer Theatre Festival in downtown Nanaimo.

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August 1 and 2 2024 



GoFundMe Campaign

We have created a  GoFundMe campaign to support our work

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